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Agua Analytics revolutionizes lead generation by harnessing the power of music preferences and opt-in survey leads. Our advanced metrics, including  song-to-email and song-to-text message interactions, capture user engagement through our song recognition app, connecting businesses with high quality leads. Maximize lead conversion with our audio-driven insights for successful marketing campaigns.

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Meet Our Team of Industry Experts and Data Solution Architects

Agua Analytics is a leading provider of innovative lead generation solutions. Our team of experienced tech entrepreneurs, software developers, and data solution architects are dedicated to driving innovation in the industry. With the support of industry-leading experts and advisors, we deliver exceptional results for businesses. Collaborating closely with our marketing strategists and industry liaison, we are committed to ensuring the success of our clients by providing high-quality certified leads in the ever evolving digital-landscape.

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What People Say About Us

"Having a detailed understanding of Agua Analytics' technology and lead generation process, I am confident in the quality and verification of their leads. Their innovative approach to leveraging opt-in survey leads and music preference data is truly impressive. I look forward to working with Agua Analytics and harnessing the power of their high-quality leads to drive success for our business."
Tyler Smith
CEO, Cartisan App
"I'm excited to explore the possibilities with Agua Analytics and their music-driven insights. Their personalized approach to lead generation is a game-changer."
Clement Tsang
Commercial Advisor
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